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Kerry Parker Word Perfect

Kerry Parker Word Perfect

I suppose I am quite lucky really as from a young age I knew that I always want to go into the secretarial business.  As a teenager, I was given a small old manual typewriter and some exercise books and from there I learnt myself how to type starting as a hobby and then went onto make a career out of it.  I worked my way through the exercise book and copied newspaper and magazine articles as practice.  I then took typing as an option/subject at school learning more about it on a big industrial typewriter and I was the only pupil ever in the history of the school to pass all my typing exams, back then it was RSA I, II & III and Pitman I, II & III.

After leaving school at the age of 16 I went straight into full-time employment.  The first company that I worked for I had spent two weeks at this company as my work experience from school and they kindly took me on when I left school.

After that, I went to work for a company in the manufacturing business where I worked for the general office but also Senior Managers and above.  Then I went to work for a leading estate agent in Sheffield where I began audio typing.

During my employment I have always worked for general office staff, Managers, Directors and Managing Directors and so confidentiality was key and is still if not more important in this day and age.

Over the years I have progressed with technology and gone from a manual typewriter to a golf ball typewriter, then to an electronic typewriter and finally learnt word processing and working on a PC.  I have knowledge and experience of working with all aspects of Microsoft Office/Microsoft 365.

It was in 2007 that I left full-time employment and started Word Perfect working from home and still work from home to this day.  I first started working with a laptop on my knee in the living room, then progressed to the dining table and finally now in an office at home on a PC as opposed to a laptop.

All in all, I have nearly 35 years of experience in the secretarial field.

“Great oaks from little acorns grow”.

About Word Perfect Transcription Services

WORD PERFECT is a UK transcription company dedicated to providing a friendly, reliable, accurate and fast typing service.  It is our aim to supply our customers with the highest level of outsource typing and secretarial services.

Word Perfect was established in 2007 and our staff have over 35 years of secretarial and administrative experience.

We cover a wide range of typing and secretarial services which include all forms of digital & analogue transcription, audio typing, copy typing/word processing including Surveys/Building Surveys, Reports, Thesis/Dissertations, and interviews and we offer a folding and/or mailing service.

All our customers’ requirements will be fulfilled to the highest standard with utmost confidentiality tailored to your own specifications.

Whatever your situation, whether you are a large company requiring a reliable digital or analogue audio transcription service or an academic student needing hand written course work typing – we are here to help.

So why not sit back and relax while we dot the I’s and cross the T’s for you?

Please give us a call to discuss your requirements or email us and we can get back to you with a price.

NB: Calls made to the landline number 0333 900 1390 are free from any inclusive landline and mobile minutes.

Word Perfect is proud to receive:

5* rating based on 25 reviews from our customers on value and quality for our transcription services.